Cold elements

Cold elements КТС-АХ-1/+2…+8 Cold elements КТС-АХ-1/+2…+8
Weight, kg0.4
46.9 rub | pc
Cold elements КТС-АХ-1/-20 Cold elements КТС-АХ-1/-20
Weight, kg0.4
46.9 rub | pc
Cold elements КТС-АХ-М Cold elements КТС-АХ-М
Weight, kg0.1
18 rub | pc

Cold elements (cold accumulators) are designed for creating the required temperature conditions inside a cooling box in transportation and storage of specimens and preparation for various purposes (one of the conditions +2 - +8 degr. – cold chain).

To prepare cold elements for operation, they are fist to be placed into a cooling or freezing chamber in accordance with the instruction, then the cold elements and preparation are put into the cooling box.

Our company has developed a variety of coolpacks with special cooling agents. For maintaining the temperatures above freezing point (+2°C...+8°C, +15°C...+25°C) hydrogel is used which is neither toxic for humans nor hazardous for the environment. For maintaining temperatures below zero (-20°C) we use eutectic solution able to melt congruentially at the temperature -20°C. This solution is also human health and environment friendly.

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